Car Phone Holder

POWERFUL NO-DISTRACTION CAR PHONE MOUNT-SDO MOUNT: Smart Mobile Mount is a no-distraction, extremely easy to use dashboard/windscreen phone mount. The single-hand phone mounting and dismounting operations allow for hassle-free operation and significantly reduce the risk of any distraction or even frustration-thus helping you stay safe and avoid accidents!
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₦ 2,200.00
  • Quality grip arm holds devices precisely & Flexible neck mount (Adjustable)
  • Will fit most PDA, Mobile phone, Ipods and MP3 players
  • This Phone Car Holder fits for device width from 38mm to 110mm.
  • This Holder can be fitted ti both cars and desks.
  • Easy to use - fits with Suction Pads so fits easily onto windscreen and is removed easily
  • Is secure and safe on your vehicles windscreen
  • Built in photo frame
  • Hold your smartphone safe and secure in your car
  • Holds devices 33mm to 100mm in width
  • Rotatable holder supports portrait and landscape orientations
  • Fully adjustable gooseneck design for a comfortable viewing angle
  • Suction cup with lock latch to keep your device securely held.
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