New Age 10,500mAh Power Bank

1. 4 Led indicators for power balance. 2. Stylish portable design power bank for mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, PDA, MP3, MP4, etc. 3. Built-in 10500mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery 4. 10500mAh capability, powerful with long operation time 5. Designed to provide power for your Smart phone, iPhone, iPod , 6. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, MP3, MP4, and other mobile phones... 7. High efficiency of power conversion. 8. Electricity-saving function. 9. Partable, practical and long cycle life. 10. Safe and reliable, perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities.
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₦ 4,400.00
1. Battery type: Li-Polymer battery
2. Capacity: 10500mAh
3. Input: Micro USB 5V/0.5A
4. Output: USB 5V/0.5A
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